Women are attracted to men with a white smile

Attraction is not a choice, but a white smile helps

It is no secret that we only have one chance to make a lasting first impression, which can often shape how we are perceived and remembered in both our social, professional, and dating lives. 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex, and 74% of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chance of success on a date. VOLT London believes that a great smile can be our greatest asset – a feature that leaves a lasting statement and remains attractive even as we age and goes a long way in nailing an incredible first impression on your date.

Daily Mail conducted a survey that found that the first thing thousands of single women noticed in men was their teeth, and 71% of women ranked nice teeth as a ‘must have’ for a date. Thus, white teeth are considered by many women as a sign of good hygiene and indicate a man’s willingness to look after his personal hygiene, which is seen as a bonus to the extent that two in five surveyed would not go on a second date with someone who had yellow or crooked teeth. Some women even find that men underestimate the power of good teeth and a great smile, which to many are far more important than a fat wallet or a six-pack as a white smile signal “he care for himself and have good hygiene standards”. In summary, your teeth are viewed by women as a sign of health and genetic quality designed to help choose their mate.    

White teeth are considered by many women as a sign of good hygiene

Given the importance of a perfect smile to attract the opposite sex, VOLT London believes that an investment in your smile will safeguard your chances of leaving a great first impression when you go on a date. That’s why we decided to give men access to whiter teeth by using our Professional Teeth Whitening Kit that is designed to effectively and safely whiten your teeth in just 20-30 minutes per day. The PAP whitening gel is formulated by UK dentists using the latest technology and innovations in British dental science to deliver clinical whitening results without causing sensitivity or enamel damage. So before you go on your first date, make sure you bring your best smile using VOLT London Professional Teeth Whitening Kit!


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