Which teeth whitening gel is the best?

Top complaints from consumers using at home teeth whitening products are hypersensitivity, stained teeth, blistering of the gums, and ineffective results. Use of whitening products containing ingredients that are not approved for home usage (as per EU regulation lists) can cause the removal of enamel surface and the yellow dentin could then shine through. These issues are associated with at home teeth whitening products that are typically made in China. Unless product control testing has been carried out once the product arrives in Europe, it’s not possible to tell if the product a) contains any harmful ingredients or substances that can potentially harm the teeth and gum, b) if the ingredients are approved as per UK and EU regulation, and c) if the ingredients are effective at whitening the teeth.

Today, only a small number of teeth whitening brands and companies are selling products that are formulated and manufactured in Europe and that truly meet EU’s stringent regulations for health and safety of teeth whitening products, and that contain effective ingredients that are backed by science, innovation and research studies. When you think about it, teeth whitening gel is something that we put inside our mouth. Would you trust a product that has been manufactured far east under manufacturing circumstances you have no insights into? How can you tell if the ingredients in the teeth whitening gel are safe to use? Would you put higher trust in a product that has been manufactured in the UK only using dental-grade ingredients sourced in Europe and formulated by British dentists? These are important questions to ask oneself before you buy any cosmetic oral care product whether it’s used inside your mouth or around your mouth.      

Buy teeth whitening gel you can trust is safe to use

Unlike the majority of existing at home teeth whitening products in the market that sell teeth whitening gel not made in Europe, VOLT London only use teeth whitening gel that are made in British factories run by people that we know and trust. Our PAP Teeth Whitening Gel has been formulated by leading British dentists and is manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality dental –grade ingredients sourced in Europe to deliver clinical results. This means our Professional Teeth Whitening Kit has been tried, tested, and perfected to meet and exceed the UK and European Safety and Quality Controls for cosmetic and oral care products. Completely safe to use whilst trusted to deliver promised results.   

Benefits of using VOLT London Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Advanced 18% PAP Whitening Technology
  • Enamel Care Technology – safe for the enamel and gel formula enriched with vitamins and minerals to promote gum and enamel health  
  • No sensitivity, gum irritation, or weakening of enamel
  • Whitens both tooth surface and in tooth crevices for optimal whitening results  
  • Removes surface stains caused by coffee, wine, soda, food, smoking and more
  • Not tested on animals and vegan friendly
  • No Artificial Colours or harmful chemicals 
  • Manufactured to ISO 22716 standards in a UK laboratory using premium quality dental-grade ingredients
  • Whitening gel has been formulated by leading British dentists


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