How to use a home teeth whitening kit

At-home teeth whitening kits are both affordable and convenient to use for most consumers who are thinking about whitening their teeth for the first time. There are several different types of whitening kits one can use, but they all come with a whitening gel which you apply directly to your teeth via a mouth tray. The teeth whitening gel will only whiten natural teeth and not bleach caps, crowns, bridges, fillings, etc.

What are the active ingredients used

Before purchasing a home teeth whitening kit, it’s important to check what active bleaching ingredient the kit contains since certain active chemicals can cause tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is common while using products containing hydrogen peroxide-based gels, although it is not harmful. An alternative to hydrogen peroxide-based products is buying a teeth whitening kit that uses PAP as an active bleaching agent in the gel instead since PAP does not cause any sensitivity.

Check where the product is made

It is very important to check in which country the whitening gel is manufactured because the UK and EU have much stricter regulations governing the ingredients in the gel. Thus never buy the product from a brand that has not manufactured the gel here in the UK or Europe. In the end, the gel is a product we put inside our mouths, so we want to ensure the safety of those products.       

Optimal application time for best results

The application time for most teeth whitening kits is 20-30 minutes per day for 7-14 consecutive days. It’s important to note that application times with a duration of only 10 minutes rarely deliver the whitening results promised as it takes time for the molecules inside the gel to be properly active and start bleaching the tooth. Thus only buy a product that discloses realistic treatment times for optimal whitening results.

LED lightning can accelerate whitening results

The LED light most kits come with accelerates the bleaching agent inside the gel. For some kits, one can choose whether you want to use the light or not. You must apply the teeth whitening gel properly to the mouth tray, so you do not waste any of the gel.

The whitening trays can either be fixed mouth trays or mouldable trays. The mouldable trays may provide a better fit to ensure the gel stays on your teeth. However, most people find the molding process difficult and prefer to ready-to-use fixed shape trays.

User instructions for a teeth whitening kit

  1. Before treatment: floss and brush your teeth thoroughly for 2-3 minutes right before bleaching your teeth. The whitening gel is most effective with clean teeth. Make sure the mouth tray or bleaching trays are clean and dry before applying the gel.    
  2. Applying the whitening gel: Place a small drop of whitening gel inside the top and bottom part of the mouth tray. The average treatment per arch requires approximately 0.5ml of whitening gel.  
  3. Insert the mouth tray or bleaching trays: Insert the whitening tray in your mouth and press against your teeth. Seat the tray firmly against your teeth. Wipe any excess gel that seeps onto your gums with your finger or with a tissue. If you use a LED light, turn on the light.
  4. Treatment time: VOLT London recommends that if you have not used whitening products before, use them for at least 30 to 40 minutes during the first treatment.
  5. After whitening: Remove the mouth tray and rinse both the tray and your mouth with water. Brush any remaining gel away. Brush, floss, and continue daily dental cleaning. Immediately after treatment, you may notice white splotches on teeth. This is typically caused by dehydration of the teeth and should diminish within an hour. For one hour following bleaching do not eat or drink things that may cause staining of the teeth (i.e., coffee, tea, berries, tobacco, wine, etc). 


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