How a whiter smile can improve your social life and status

There is no secret that leaving a great first impression in social settings is important. Research done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry have reported that 48% of adults say that a white smile is the most notable feature when first meeting someone and has a greater impact on memorability than what a person says when you first meet. Thus, a natural white smile can help you leave a great first impression, improve your social status, and really make a difference in social settings such as networking events, dating, and in the workplace.

There are several ways that a white smile can help improve your social life and we are going to outline a number of considerations below.    

Boost your self-confidence with a whiter smile

Confidence comes from within, but a white smile helps. Having white teeth will make you feel better about yourself and your overall appearance in social situations e.g., at work or when dating. A study done by Procter and Gamble found that 65% of research participants that had whitened their teeth were viewed as more professional and 61% seen as more confident than those that did not have whitened teeth.

Smile more with whiter teeth

When you have whiter teeth and feel good about yourself, you will naturally smile more and feel confident about showing your teeth. When you smile more, you will be seen as more approachable by people around you thus giving off positive vibes and making people comfortable around you. When you go on dates, meet new people, interview for a new job, or make presentations, a white smile will give off a positive perception. If you doubt a white smile can improve your success in dating, another Procter and Gamble study found that almost 60% of dating participants were viewed as more outgoing and attractive after their teeth had been whitened.     

You appear more attractive 

Our eyes are naturally drawn to a whiter smile and attracts more attention as they stand out. If we are confident about our smile, we also smile more in social situations and in return receive more attention. Smiling more will also make you appear more attractive to friends, partners, and people you date. If anything, whiter teeth is a sign you take care of your oral health and put a high value on your appearance, which by itself is attractive to others.  

You seem more approachable

People that smile a lot appear more approachable and friendlier than those who don’t. Smiling a lot and showing off your white teeth can simply make you more approachable than if you feel embarrassed of your teeth due to yellow staining and are less inclined to expose them as a result.

Boost your image

White teeth and a bright smile simply look great. Because it boosts your confidence, you improve your image and social proof when you speak to someone. It is all about confidence and how you feel about yourself when speaking with someone new. By whitening your teeth, you will strengthen your interpersonal skills and build up your image in the eyes of people around you. 

Here at VOLT London, we are passionate about helping you feel the best through the power of a natural white smile. Our Professional Teeth Whitening Kit will help you safely and effectively whiten your teeth and boost your self-confidence. 


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