Food and drinks to avoid after teeth whitening

Your teeth will be sensitive to new stains after you have whitened your teeth because the tooth enamel has been temporarily weakened. Dentists recommend waiting at least 48 hours after whitening before consuming dark foods or liquids in any form. Therefore, it’s important that you avoid the following four dark-coloured foods and beverages to prevent tooth staining.

Coffee: Coffee is one of the most common causes of tooth staining due to its dark colour that easily stain your teeth. Coffee contains intense colour pigments called chromogens that attach to your tooth enamel causing discoloration. If you really crave a morning coffee, use a straw when consuming your morning cup.    

Red wine: Red wine stick to plaqueover time and can cause your teeth to become more brown, blue, or purple looking. Due to its ability to quickly stain your teeth, it’s best to avoid drinking red wine meanwhile you are going through a whitening treatment.

Dark sauces: Can cause stains and should be avoided meanwhile you are going through the whitening treatment. Examples of sauces that can stain your teeth are tomato sauce, curries, soy, BBQ marinades, and stews.

Acidic foods: Vinegar, fruit juice,soft drinks, lemons, oranges, pickles, grapefruit etc. increase the saliva acidity which can harm your teeth can cause stains.   

In addition to the above, you should avoid tobacco and nicotine completely. Tar and nicotine are two chemicals that cause bad stains. Whilst tar is naturally dark, nicotine turns into a yellow surface-staining substance when it’s mixed with oxygen and make your teeth yellow.       

The solution to teeth stains: VOLT London Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

If your teeth are not as white as you would like them to be, and you have not tried to whiten them, check out our Professional teeth Whitening Kit, which is completely safe to use whilst trusted to deliver promised results.  Our teeth whitening kit use Dual Light Technology to optimize the effect of our high-quality teeth whitening gel with oxidising ingredients that help safely and effectively whiten your teeth whilst wiping away years’ worth of stains caused by coffee, wide, soda, smoking and more.


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